Company History

InterLogics acquired Isotechnologies, Inc. in 1994. Isotechnologies had been involved, since 1983, in the development and marketing of functional assessment tools for low back and was most noted for the B-200 and Iso Lift Station devices.

The goal of InterLogics was to further develop hardware and software to facilitate the healthy match between the physical ability of the individual with the functional requirements of their jobs to reduce the potential for injury as well as manage an injured employee back to full-time duty.

To this end InterLogics enhanced the functional assessment devices and in 1995 released the BackTracker, a portable, three-dimensional functional assessment device for low back measurement. A year later the company released the second device in the Tracker family of tools, the WristTracker. This device was a simple add-on to the B-Tracker platform and provided a three-dimensional functional assessment device for the wrist. Back and wrist injuries comprise 80% of the overall costs related to Workers Compensation.

The company then focused development energy on worksite assessment tools and released an ergonomic assessment software package delivered through a hand held computer in 1996. The outgrowth of this process has been the further development of Worker/Job matching software tools with the latest release consisting of the Temporary Work Assignment database which includes 14,500 modified jobs for same day return to work resolution. In 1997 the company added the TaskWorks tool for gathering and entering job analysis information to further enhance the Worker/Job matching program. InterLogics began offering the Worker/Job matching program in May of 1999 and continues to enhance the program distribution through use of the Internet. The Internet delivery allows centralized, efficient, information management for low cost program implementation.

The company continues to enhance the existing product offerings through research, customer feedback, and market demands.

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